How Much Is To Replace a Door

Replacing your exterior home doors can return the lost glory to your home appearance. This should be considered when you buy an old home or when your door has been ruined by a storm or a break-in attempt. The cost of doing a door replacement is, however, variant, and it depends on the size of the project. The type of door, size, design, and local coasts also determines the amount you are likely to spend on a door repair work.

To Repair Door in Toronto

Average costs of door replacements

Results from the analysis of over 11, 916 door replacement or door lock repair projects indicate that the cost of replacing a door is between 447 dollars and 1,389 dollars and is generally within an average of 916 dollars.

According to homeowners, the lowest price reported was 100 dollars, while the highest price recorded was 4200 dollars. This shows that there is an immense variety of costs of replacement from one place to another and from one technician to the other. It is, therefore, more advisable to engage a professional technician to give you a quote before you can begin your replacement process.

The cost of doing a door replacement or commercial door repair is also found to depend on a few factors which include;


The more hardware you add to your new door, the higher the cost of the door. These include key locks, door handles, keypads, and door alarms, among others. Call us for door handle repair service or door lock repair services. Our phone is  (647) 417-0255.


The different available door materials have different market prices and different levels of energy efficiencies. The main door materials include wood, fiberglass, and steel.

  1. Wood: these are the most expensive door materials of all the available door materials. They are more classic and improves your home aesthetic by giving it a more natural appearance. Their appearances can also be adjusted by painting, and maintenance costs will, therefore, go a little high as a result of the maintenance needed to regulate fading decors.
  2. Steel: steel doors are known to cost more. They are much denser, and prices range from 500 dollars to 1230 dollars, according to HomeAdviser. However expensive, these prices are usually offset by the long-term durability of the steel door repair in Toronto area.
  3. Fiberglass: these are a great alternative to wood and steel. They can easily be adjusted to mimic wood at many affordable prices. They are also more durable and energy-efficient. Like the other materials, the size of fiberglass for repairing your fiberglass door required, design and décor will greatly affect the price of the material in the market.

Frame maintenance

Proper frame maintenance will greatly reduce your door replacement costs as properly taken care of the door frame will not rot easily or break. These door frames can, therefore, be reused instead of replacing the whole door system. It is, therefore, in order that door frames are taken good care of to reduce the cost of replacing the door or door repair in Toronto.

Frame customization

Frame customization can also be a suitable alternative to full-frame replacement when replacing your doors during storefront door repair Toronto. This can be done if the frame is wider than the door to be installed or when the frame is too small and the door to be installed is a standard door. The frame can be customized to fit the new door by either planning to remove bulging sections or to readjust through the addition of plates to enable the door to fit perfectly into space.