Don’t replace the whole door when you just need a door closer repair.

Door closers don’t break often, but when they do it makes the door extremely hard to open, and a safety risk! Usually, a broken closer was not heavy-duty enough for the door, or the situation where installed.

So, heavy doors need heavy-duty door closers and durable springs.

A quick break becomes a safety issue. Then, the wrong door closer results in misalignments and damage to the door over time.

Make sure to install the right door closer, and if yours breaks, call Door Helper for expert service.

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door closer repair


Improper installation and adjustment of door closers makes repairs more likely. With poorly installed closers, the door frame gets damaged and misaligned. You may need a new door closer, a door closer repair, or perhaps our expert technicians can adjust the door closer to have your doors working like new again!

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Door owners often forego seal maintenance, so door closers end up with low oil levels. When a seal breaks, gaps exposed by the broken seals make the hardware vulnerable and create lubricant leaks.

When the oil leaks, just like a car, you know there is a mechanical problem. With door closers, the problem is worst with the door closed, with missing screws, failed seals, and broken rings.

To manage an oil leak, a door closer repair requires professional attention. With a lack of lubrication, the door opens and closes too hard and too quickly. Then this can cause injury!

Always ensure to repair the seal and the low oil levels, immediately.

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