A steel door is preferred over wood doors in situations where security is a must. Steel doors are durable and not prone to warp.

However, as time goes on, the finish dulls, plus dents and holes appear. That’s the time to consider a steel door repair or replacement from Door Helper.

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steel door repair
Steel doors often take a lot of abuse. So, the question becomes when to repair and when to replace your steel door.

When To Repair Your Steel Door

Steel doors can be welded, ground and patched. So, repairs are often inexpensive and on-site.

Damage To Hinges

Jamming broomsticks into a door to prop it open puts a lot of stress on the top hinge. Eventually, it breaks the welds on the hinges. Then the steel door starts to sag, or may not open or close properly. This hinge damage is one situation when you can repair your steel door.

*Check when repairing fire labelled openings to not jeopardize the underwriting.

Hole Patches

Steel can be patched over a hole in the door.


Dent damage that hasn’t penetrated the outer layer of the steel door, more often than not, the repair is invisible.

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When To Replace Your Steel Door

Properly set steel frames that undergo normal use stand the test of time, but sometimes you need to look at a replacement.

  • Compromised Core
  • Delamination
  • Door Frame No Longer Square
  • Rust Damage
  • Vandalism

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