How to Repair an Aluminum Door

Aluminum doors, just like any other door, can be used as exterior and interior doors and are equally exposed to the extremes of weather and poor handling. The aluminum screens, door rollers, door lock repair, and even roller tracks are therefore regularly exposed to tear and wear and sometimes even rotten as a result of moisture accumulation and infestation by insects. Aluminum door repair works and exterior door repair will, therefore, involve several repair details, as discussed below.

Aluminum Door Repair Service

Door Frame repair

 Aluminum door frames are usually wooden in nature and can be exposed to rotten factors such as rodents and moisture. Sometimes the frame gets damaged by an attempted break-in attack. When this occurs, cut out the damaged section using a circular saw or rotary saw. Measure a similar size of the portion that has been removed and fix it back in place. You can use screws or steel nails to make sure the potion is fixed correctly. If the frame is severely damaged, begin by removing the door hinges and the door safely without damaging the aluminum sheet on the door. Once the door is removed, use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the frame. In case of nails, you can use a hammer to pry them out one by one or cut them using a saw to set loose the door frame during professional storefront door repair. Once the frame is out, you can replace it with a new standard door frame or engage a professional technician to assist.

Aluminum screen repair

Aluminum screens are weak and light. They are, therefore, more highly susceptible to abrasions. If your door screen is ruined, it should be replaced immediately so yet hatchery your home security is not compromised.

Begin by removing the door hinges during garage door repair. Once the hinges are removed, remove the door carefully and place it on top of a flat working surface. Using a screwdriver, pry out the spline holding the screen in position. Remove the spline carefully so that it is not destroyed in the process. If the spline is not rigid, broken, or too dry, it can be reused instead of buying a replacement. Remove the screen.

Once the aluminum screen is removed, inspect the door jambs and clean any dirt, moisture, and rust. Bring the replacement screen and place it on top of the Jamb. Make sure the material overlaps on all edges. Using a spline installer, fix the spline along the edge of the door pressing gently to fix the screen into the groove during door break-in repair. Pull the excess screen to the outside to ensure it fits perfectly without sagging sections. Do this with all the edges.

Using a utility knife, cut out the excess screen. Be careful not to cut the spline and destroy the screen.

Once the door screen is fully repaired, you need to reinstall it back on the door frame. You may require help from another person to carry the door and hold it while you fix the hinges. In case of sliding door repair in Toronto, inspect the rollers for damages and replacement where necessary. In case the rollers are damaged, lubricate them, clean the roller tracks and reinstall the door.