How to Repair a Broken Sliding Door

You have a broken sliding door and is considering a Toronto glass door repair? You have to identify the broken part first and then inspect it to find out if the repair is possible through a do it yourself process or if you can engage a technician. However, it is best and less costly to consider a simple repair as opposed to doing a replacement, which might be costlier. The door could have been broken by a break-in attempt or by a storm. We’ll help you with door break-in repair in Toronto. You will need to have a 4-in-2 screwdriver, wrench, corded drill, screen roller, utility knife, premium replacement screen door, rollers, and silicon lubricant for the whole repair work.

Sliding Door Repair Service

Fix the broken glass

When a sliding glass door is broken, it will definitely leave you with broken glass. For an old sliding glass door, the broken pieces will fall on the floor, leaving a hole in your door. In the case of a modern glass door, the glass cracks and will not fall on the floor. This sliding patio door repair guide is for broken old glass doors.

Glass is not quite a friendly material to work with, and as such, care must be taken to avoid injuries. Wear protective gloves and begin by cleaning the place to remove the broken glass.

Carefully remove the wooden frames using a chisel or knock out the nails gently using a hammer, or if the frame is attached using screws, drive them out safely. Remove the broken glass from the door and put it away during overhead door repair work. Use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of the opening where the glass has been removed. Cut a similar size of glass from your spare glass using a glass cutter and a straight edge. Cut the glass at least ½ an inch shorter than the opening so as to provide some space for the door to expand during hot weather. Carefully place the glass into the groove. Replace the frames on the edges covering the grooves and fix them with nails or screws as before. Once this is done, apply sealant on both the inside and outside and paint the frames to give it a better appearance.

Remove the damaged wheel brackets and repair the rollers

This can be done by unscrewing the brackets and removing the rollers from the track. Inspect them for jams or breakages. If the rollers are jammed, clean the track and remove all the dirt blocking the roller tracks using turpentine with a wire brush and wipe them clean with a rag. For broken rollers, a replacement has to be done during Toronto door repair. Check the size or take it with you to a local store and get the right replacement. When replacing the rollers, check conformities with the old wheel brackets so that you don’t waste time looking for best fits.

Check the track for damages such as bends or dents and misalignments. Knockback the misaligned rails with a hammer or wooden block. Reposition the rail guides by tightening the screws holding them in position, and replace the damaged pieces with new ones during your french door fix repair.