Broken Door Lock: Call a Locksmith or Change Yourself

You might be buying a new home with ruined door lock mechanisms, you had an attempted break-in attack that ruined the door lock mechanism, or the lock got damaged by children or poor handling. Broken door closer repair or broken door locks may come in different forms depending on the actual part of the lock mechanism that has been damaged.

Door Lock Repair

Broken lock handles or lock knob

Lock handles and knobs are constantly exposed to external forces as they are the access parts of the lock. Holding the lock handle or knob opens and closes the door. When excess force is used, the lock handle may break or bend. A broken lock handle can easily replace or glass door repair by a trained locksmith, or a careful do it yourself process. If you need to fix it yourself, you will need a few tools, such as a wretch or clamp, to turn the handle up or down in an attempt to put it back to its alignment position. While doing this, much care should be taken not to break the handle out of its attachment. In case of a broken knob, a suitable replacement should be purchased from a local store as returning a broken knob may compromise your home or business security. However, where you are not certain, it is best to engage a professional door repair company or locksmith to do the replacement or repair.

Broken deadbolt or latch bolt

When the deadbolt or latch bolt is broken, the door lock mechanism will not work properly. The doorknob will bot function well and has to be replaced for the door lock to work again. Do not attempt to reuse broken deadbolts as this will compromise the security of your door lock system. Broken deadbolts and latch bolts should be replaced with new ones, and the service should be done by a professional locksmith.

Actuating mechanism

Door lock mechanisms are not complete without the actuating mechanisms which make part of the lock knob and the springs. These parts are more technical in the way they function, and replacement or front door repair requires more skills. Sometimes you feel as if the lock is broken while it could just be an issue with how the lock is interacting with the door jam or strike plate. The misalignment may make the lock appear broken, and this may be as a result of changes in weather. The misalignment can be diagnosed, and the actuating lock mechanism issues resolved by a skilled locksmith.

Broken or loose connections

If the lock screws bend, break or get loose, the door lock may appear broken. The door lock handles will appear weak, and the knobs will play more erratically with less grip. When you notice this after the assessment, you can readjust the screws or replace them. Bent connections must not be straightened or reused as they are already compromised, and reusing them makes your door lock much more accessible to burglars. Always engage a trained locksmith to make sure your door lock repair is done to a higher standard, and the security of your homes or businesses is improved.