How to Repair a Mosquito Screen Door

Mosquito screen doors are exposed to a number of undoing factors due to the low strength of the screen. However, repair the screen door or metal door repair is not a big deal with the availability of appropriate tools and materials. You will need to buy enough screen to overlap the door frame by at least 2 inches on every edge, a new spline to hold the screen in its grove, and a spline installation tool. Follow the steps below to repair the mosquito screen door.Mosquito Screen Door

Remove the door handle

The door handle is usually installed after the screen. It, therefore, obstructs the screen, and the screen won’t come out before the handle is removed. The handle is removed by just removing the screws using a screwdriver. If you can’t do it by yourself, just call us for door handle repair in Toronto area.

Catch the spline using a pick or awl

Each side of the mosquito screen door has a separate length of spline on it. This end can be held more easily using a pick and then pried up and out. Once the spline edge is lifted, you can remove it along with your hand and repeat the same procedure on the other segments of the spline on the other edges of the door. However, this process should be carried out more gently so that the spline is not damaged and can be used again on the door.

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Use a screwdriver to remove the rollers

The rollers can easily be pried out or the door section using a screwdriver or by depressing the spring clip to release each roller assembly. The rollers are removed to ensure they are safe in the process of repair or door installation, as door movements may cause dangerous disassembly. Once the rollers are removed, safely remove the old screen.

Install a new spline

Make sure the diameter of the new spline is the same as that of the one removed from the door. Using a tape, measure the dimensions of the door and cut the new spline into lengths that will fit into the frame groves successfully. The spline can be cut using a scissor or sharp knife.

Align the replacement screen

While the spline is in place, put the replacement screen on the door and aligns its edge with the outside edge of the door.

While using a convex roller on the spline-installation tool, begin at one corner of the door and press the screen into the groove along the edge of the door frame or french door repair. Once this is done all around the door frame, use a concave roller on the spline-installation tool and press the spline into the groove. Make sure to use little force as the excess force would tear the screen. The roller should also be bent slightly to the outside of the frame to avoid tearing the screen.

The door screen should be pulled tightly while pressing the spline by the rollers in order to obtain a perfectly flat screen without loose sagging sections. The excess screen should then be trimmed using a sharp utility knife. This should be done carefully while positioning the knife tip at the junction of the spline and on the outside edge of the spline groove.

Replace the rollers and the panel

If the old rollers are not damaged, replace them back to the door and reinstall the door panel or storefront door repair.