How to Fix Door Handle Without Visible Screws

The mounting screws are disguised in the configuration of more sophisticated doorknobs and locks. If you look closely at certain types, you could suppose the doorknob is permanently attached to the door.

To fix a door handle without a latch or visible screw does not have to be a difficult task. You can get rid of your door knob with the appropriate recommendations. The preceding pointers will assist you till your endeavor is completed.

How to fix door handle without a latch

Tools to Remove Door Handle Without Screws

  • Straightened paper clip – A normal office work supply that is turned into a tool to solve door handle issues by straightening it.
  • Small flathead screwdriver – It has a wedge-shaped flat tip for tightening or loosening screws having a vertical, straight notch in their heads.
  • Allen wrench set – Allen wrenches, also known as hex-key wrenches or hex keys, feature a hexagonal cross portion that fits hexagonal-shaped sunken slots in numerous equipment screws and set screws.
  • Phillips screwdriver – It’s a screwdriver that is designed to work with a specific sort of screw (known as a Phillips-head screw) which has a cross-shaped hole in the head.

Step-by-step Guide On How to Fix Loose Door Handle With No Screw

Professionals advise that you have a clear understanding of which knob you would like to engage on to prevent uncertainty. The rationale for this is that if you do not even fully understand how to appropriately detach the doorknob, you risk ruining it.

Step No. 1 – Find The Concealed Slot

Inspect the lever/neck knob’s for a small opening if your door has tucked away screws. If you come across one, you’ll need to press a trigger or remove a little screw that’s hidden within the slot. The grip will become open once you complete these steps.

A screw head of certain types may be difficult to locate. Slip a straightened paper clip (or any other item) into the opening to address the issue. Pull the doorknob cautiously while you insert the clip into the hole.

Step No. 2 – Remove Any Screws That May Be Hidden

Is the screw head shaped like a Philips or flat head screwdriver? If this is the case, select the corresponding item, ideally in tiny dimensions, and undo the screws. The door handle should now break released after a few circumferential turns.

Lift the door handle out of the door when it is unfastened. When you feel that the knobs’ spindle is still stuck, take away the cover plate that holds the anchoring screws from the rear of the doorknob.

How to Fix Door Handle

Step No. 3 – Hook Hex-head Screws Using Allen Wrench

The ideal instrument for extracting hex-head screws is an Allen wrench. To remove the door handle without screws visible, choose the dimension that will fit further through the slot without causing any problems. This item is available in a variety of configurations at various local hardware outlets.

Get a little pair of Allen wrenches if you would like to discover how to fix a door handle without visible screws. If you decide to employ the exact equipment once more, ensure it’s in proper working order. To prevent unwanted dents and scratches when replacing or polishing the doorknob, you must guarantee that it does not fall.

Step No. 4 – Removing the Doorknob’s Remaining Section

The fourth step is to remove the remaining section of the door knob from the door. This step is easier because removing all of the screws would allow the entire arrangement to be unfastened.

Step No. 5 – Reinstall the Door Handle

Once you have cleared the issue on your door knob, you can now replace it with its original configuration. Use a Phillips head screwdriver or flat head screwdriver to tighten a door handle. However, if you find out that repairing is not suitable for your door handle issues, removing it totally and replacing it with a new one is the best choice for you.


With the right instruction, no house renovation project should be too difficult. There will always be a method to detach that door handle, whether it has visible or invisible screws.

The thought that you need to fix a loose door handle with no screw or it just appears as an illusion that it does not have screws for it was hidden may cause you to become overwhelmed. In times like this, Door Helper is more than willing to help you! With our trained and seasoned professionals, no door handle issues are impossible to fix. Call us at (647) 417-0255 now!