How to Fix Door Handle Without Visible Screws

How to fix door handle without a latch

The mounting screws are disguised in the configuration of more sophisticated doorknobs and locks. If you look closely at certain types, you could suppose the doorknob is permanently attached to the door. To fix a door handle without a latch or visible screw does not have to be a difficult task. You can get rid […]

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How to Stop Drafts From Entering Doors & Windows

Apply weatherstripping For Doors & Windows To Stop Draughts

Nothing compares to snuggling on your sofa inside a warm house on a cold winter morning over the weekend or on your day off. Unfortunately, cold air tends to sneak in and ruin this moment for most people. The cold makes the room occupants uncomfortable and lowers a household’s energy efficiency, thus increasing the heating […]

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Steps to Repair a Door Jamb

Door Jamb Repair

Door jambs are reinforcements used between the door and the door frames. They provide reinforcements to wooden doors in a way that these doors can be repaired more easily without removing the door frame. They are the attachments on which the door hinges are screwed. Damaged door jambs may be a result of break-ins, rotten […]

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How to Repair a Mosquito Screen Door

Mosquito Screen Door

Mosquito screen doors are exposed to a number of undoing factors due to the low strength of the screen. However, repair the screen door or metal door repair is not a big deal with the availability of appropriate tools and materials. You will need to buy enough screen to overlap the door frame by at […]

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Steps to Repair a Door Knob

Glass Door Knob

Doorknob repair steps highly depend on the type of damages experienced with the knob. The following door knob problems have been discussed with repair steps. Or maybe you simply want to delegate repairs so as not to waste time on this, in which case Door Helper will help you. Latch issues Latch issues may arise as a […]

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How to Repair Door Bell

Calling into the Door Bell

Door repair services in Toronto issues that make the bell faulty or fail to ring may be a great number but generally within the circuitry, either affecting the button, the transformer, or the bell itself. Remove the bell button The bell can only operate with a functional button. The button connects the bell with the […]

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How to Choose an Exterior Door

Exterior Door

Exterior or entry doors are the most considered doors, especially in architectural designs of a house. These doors give the best welcoming features of your home and are given more considerations than side doors. However, choosing an exterior door may not be an easy task for property developers as a result of the various tests […]

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How to Repair an Interior Door

Interior Door Repair Service

Interior doors are constantly exposed to a variety of problems that arise from the way the doors are handled during their daily operations. Hinged doors may sag or get misaligned from the door frame. Double doors or even sliding glass doors may accumulate dust on their trucks and jam or stick or even fail to […]

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How to Repair a Metal Door

Metal Door Repair Service

Metal doors are a better choice for home and business owners as they are more durable and tough. However, they are not completely immune to break-ins, bends, dents, and other forms of surface damages. We are the leading company in Toronto break-in repair. Dents or holes on your metal doors can be easily patched or […]

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How to Repair an Aluminum Door

Aluminum Door Repair Service

Aluminum doors, just like any other door, can be used as exterior and interior doors and are equally exposed to the extremes of weather and poor handling. The aluminum screens, door rollers, door lock repair, and even roller tracks are therefore regularly exposed to tear and wear and sometimes even rotten as a result of […]

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